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This Is Just Insane

The Trump campaign has officially jumped the shark, dear readers. It’s over, and this time, we know why. Nate Silver reports this afternoon that the Trump campaign believes he’s going to win right here in Maryland. Yes, you read that right. Do not adjust your television set. John Fritze has the appropriately bemused response. My less kind but much more fun conclusion… Read more »

Oh, And Another Thing . . .

With all the Senate news, from the ads to the polls and the like, I totally forgot to come back and note that the Marist poll  from the other day also surveyed the presidential primary races too. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by a 58-36 margin. African American voters favor Clinton by a margin of 63-30 and women… Read more »

Clinton Announces 200 Endorsements From Maryland Women

Hillary Clinton announced a list of 200 Maryland women supporting her campaign for president, 17 days ahead of the suddenly relevant Maryland presidential primary contest against Bernie Sanders. The very busy John Fritze has this story too: Marni Abramson, Principal, Nextgen LED, Gaithersburg Pennie Abramson, Community Leader, Potomac Dr. Shaila Aery, former Maryland Secretary of Higher Education, Annapolis Vicki Almond,… Read more »

Maryland Presidential Polls

The Sun has a new set of presidential polls out for Maryland. While he might be slipping elsewhere, Ben Carson continues to lead here. And Hillary Clinton maintains a big lead over Bernie Sanders, while Martin O’Malley is in single digits. First the GOP race:    Though support for Dr. Ben Carson has slipped across the country, the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon… Read more »

Clinton Rolls Out MD Endorsement List

John Fritze reports early this morning on a list of almost 70 Maryland elected officials and activists who have endorsed Hillary Clinton here in Martin O’Malley’s home state. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announced endorsements Tuesday of more than 70 officials and community leaders in Maryland — including most of the state’s congressional delegation — underscoring the sway the former secretary of state… Read more »

Post Poll Of MD Dems

A new Washington Post-University of Maryland poll of Maryland Democratic voters out today shows Hillary Clinton with a wide lead here. The news is not very good for Martin O’Malley. Surveys done October 7-11. Poll nerd details here. A lot of other questions were asked as well, but are currently being held for later release. Clinton 43 Biden 26 Sanders 20 O’Malley… Read more »

Maryland Redistricting In The Supreme Court

A Maryland redistricting case that avoided significant notice when it was filed in 2013 - we lawyers never pay attention to cases filed by non-lawyers - is set for oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court this fall, opening up the prospect of a new line of challenges to political gerrymandering efforts not only here in Maryland but across the… Read more »

Crab Wars Rage On, Hogan Returns Fire

The crab wars ignited by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe rage on, and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has returned fire on the issue. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, himself a crab-lover, was unmoved by McAuliffe’s declaration, said Matthew Clark, his communications director. “Like most Virginians with any sense, eventually the crabs move north to Maryland, where the waters are much more inviting and… Read more »