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Super Tuesday Takeaways and the State of the Primary Race

Super Tuesday is now in the books and the status quo more or less seems to be holding in both party contests. For now. As we have seen quite often in this race, things can change. So before we go into the weekend primary contests, let’s take a look at what happened on Tuesday and where things stand at the… Read more »

“Maryland Scramble After Dark” Redux

In which Donald Trump assures us that there’s nothing small about his . . . um, hands? Donald Trump assured the nation Thursday night that his hands aren’t small and that there’s no trouble with another part of his anatomy. “I have to say this, he hit my hands. Nobody has ever hit my hands. I’ve never heard of this… Read more »

A New Series: “Maryland Scramble After Dark”

One of the many interesting things that has occurred this campaign season is the addition of new and colorful language brought to us by the fine gentleman that Charles Pierce has brilliantly dubbed the “vulgar talking yam.” Donald Trump has famously introduced the word “schlong” into the campaign vernacular, and in general, we have seen a whole new approach to… Read more »

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump

The surprises just keep coming, don’t they? In a pretty shocking development, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has officially endorsed Donald Trump. I can’t imagine too many people saw this coming. Christie’s biggest attack on Marco Rubio was his lack of specifics and his habit of repeating himself over and over again. So it’s pretty surprising to see him endorse… Read more »

More Bad News for the Republican Establishment

If Republican Party elite didn’t already have enough heartburn over the prospects of a Trump nomination, the release of a number of polls over the last couple of days likely has them reaching for the nearest container of Pepcid AC. It is no secret they are hoping the field continues to winnow down so all of the mainstream voters can… Read more »

Some Advice From Charlie Pierce

In the wake of Donald Trump’s March to the Vegas Strip through Nevada last night, the question arises: who can save us from the brilliantly dubbed “vulgar talking yam“? There’s been much handwringing and soul searching today, most of it the sort of ineffectual flapping of arms that our allegedly stalwart leaders on the left inevitably resort to. But the… Read more »

Trump Wins Nevada

That’s three in a row, for those keeping score at home.  Trump will win the Nevada Republican caucuses, CNN projects, expanding his dominance in the early GOP contests despite the well-organized campaigns of his two chief rivals: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The results in Nevada, a state with complex caucus rules and unreliable voter data, were yet another sign of… Read more »

Takeaways and Analysis from Nevada and South Carolina

A tumultuous, roller coaster ride of a primary season finally started to come into focus last night in Nevada and South Carolina. Democrats were dealing with another case of an outsider candidate posing a real threat to the early establishment favorite, leaving many to wonder if 2008 was happening all over again. And the Republicans were just trying to find… Read more »

Ted Cruz Has A Problem

Well, actually, he has lots and lots of problems, but for right now, we’ll ignore his legal qualifications and his tendency to inspire intense loathing from everyone. Today’s problem is math. And it’s not pretty. Looking ahead, delegate allocation rules matter yuuuuugely, and those rules don’t play well for Cruz at all. While he does well in national polls, he… Read more »