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Super Tuesday Takeaways and the State of the Primary Race

Super Tuesday is now in the books and the status quo more or less seems to be holding in both party contests. For now. As we have seen quite often in this race, things can change. So before we go into the weekend primary contests, let’s take a look at what happened on Tuesday and where things stand at the… Read more »

More Bad News for the Republican Establishment

If Republican Party elite didn’t already have enough heartburn over the prospects of a Trump nomination, the release of a number of polls over the last couple of days likely has them reaching for the nearest container of Pepcid AC. It is no secret they are hoping the field continues to winnow down so all of the mainstream voters can… Read more »

Takeaways and Analysis from Nevada and South Carolina

A tumultuous, roller coaster ride of a primary season finally started to come into focus last night in Nevada and South Carolina. Democrats were dealing with another case of an outsider candidate posing a real threat to the early establishment favorite, leaving many to wonder if 2008 was happening all over again. And the Republicans were just trying to find… Read more »

Closer than expected in South Carolina?

The exit polls coming out of South Carolina have some very interesting nuggets of information, suggesting the race could, emphasis on could, be closer than expected. For instance, 41% of South Carolina voters said Trump is running the most unfair campaign of all the candidates. Ted Cruz came in second place with 33% of voters saying the same about him…. Read more »

Could Jeb Bush be the Establishment Candidate After All?

Throughout the primary race, the GOP establishment has been searching frantically to find a mainstream candidate they can rally behind to take down the Trump/Cruz juggernaut that has swept the first two 2016 contests. Heading into New Hampshire, their hopes were on Marco Rubio to be that guy. But after his now infamous debate malfunction, Rubio found himself in a… Read more »

Wall Street In A “Panic”

If there’s one thing that Politico does well, it’s to reflect accurately on the state of mind of political and business elites and insiders. Today it’s Wall Street and how they feel about Donald Trump. Hoo boy is it hilarious. You can pretty much hear the sphincters tightening and smell the shit running down the well-dressed legs of various unnamed Masters… Read more »

Classic Politico Analysis

A truly hilarious “analysis” article today from Politico about what Republican “insiders” think about Donald Trump’s prospects. While the headline is that Trump has “peaked,” the article itself says no such thing.  About three quarters of Republican early-state insiders say they believe Donald Trump has peaked — but many acknowledge that may also be wishful thinking. That’s the assessment from this… Read more »