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Guest Blog: Dave Asche Makes Predictions

   He’s a braver man than me, that Dave Asche. He plays out the remaining months of both parties’ presidential primaries and predicts the outcomes. He likes Rubio: I’m not impressed. I think it’s going to be either Cruz (more likely) or Trump (less likely). But hey, this is Dave’s column. Here you go. Happy 2016, everybody. It’s hard to… Read more »

The GOP’s Problems Are Worse Than You Think

I’ve been thinking for a while that there was a clear disconnect between the opinions of the Republican establishment and, y’know, reality. First they believed for months that Jeb! would eventually turn it around and save the day, and more recently, there’s an impatient foot-tapping about Marco Rubio. It’s clear that a lot of leaders simply switched from one to… Read more »

Marco Rubio: Slacker With Principles

This Post article is remarkable: Marco Rubio was elected to the Senate in 2010. Barely into his first term, he became frustrated with the procedural roadblocks in the Sebage that block major legislative initiatives fromhsooening eithout a 60 vote majority. So, in a move he now characterizes as one of principle, Rubio essentially stopped showing up for work, so he can run… Read more »

Rubio Tacks Hard Right - On Immigration?

If Jeb Bush is falling apart, as I suggested yesterday and then again just a few minutes ago, then the conventional wisdom is that fellow Floridian Marco Rubio is pretty much the last man standing among the “establishment” candidates. Walker and Perry are out, Kasich had his bubble two months ago, Fiorina’s five minutes of fame is clearly over, and… Read more »

Softballs And Beanballs

Fox News has gotten a lot of praise for the moderators of the debate last night, particularly Megyn Kelly. And overall, it was better then some of the obsessive bullshit asked about by other networks in prior debates, especially CNN. Some legitimately tough questions were asked, such as those put to Donald Trump and Scott Walkwer. But some questions were… Read more »