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Dave Asche Grades The Debate

I gave quick grades last night that as it happens mainly coincide with Dave’s view. I’ll have more later today, but for right now I’ll throw in Politico Playbook’s lead paragraph this morning, an anonymous quote from a “smart Republican” on the debate: PLAYBOOK IN-BOX – A smart Republican’s take on last night Fox Business debate: “To me the morning story is… Read more »

CD6 GOP Debate

There was a debate last night, and sad to say, I wasn’t invited. Perhaps because it was a GOP debate in CD6. According to Lou Peck, it was a “lively affair,” and it turns out that blogger Ryan Miner has assumed responsibility for my job with the Democratic debates in CD8, shooting video of the entire debate. For those inclined to… Read more »

Assessing The Wreckage

That was quite a show last night. Any pretense of rationality and civility was stripped away, and what remained was feral and angry and raw. That usually wouldn’t happen until around October 28 of NEXT YEAR, right before the general election. All the usual last-minute tropes were there - Democrats are liars and Communists, the “mainstream media” are active collaborators,… Read more »

Super Quick Debate Hot Takes

Winners: Fiorina, Christie Solid: Trump, Paul, Kasich, Bush Losers: Walker, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, Huckabee Shocked to look at Christie as a big winner, but he brought a strong game tonight. Fiorina consistently had well thought out answers, presented them coherently and sounded confident. I loved the way she demanded the right to speak on military issues after Jake Tapper ignored… Read more »

Softballs And Beanballs

Fox News has gotten a lot of praise for the moderators of the debate last night, particularly Megyn Kelly. And overall, it was better then some of the obsessive bullshit asked about by other networks in prior debates, especially CNN. Some legitimately tough questions were asked, such as those put to Donald Trump and Scott Walkwer. But some questions were… Read more »