2015 Top Posts #11-15

Day 3 of our review of the year’s most popular blog posts.

15. CD8 Going National An October 2 post about the national attention being paid to the dustup at the first CD8 debate on September 30 between the candidates, particularly independent candidate Liz Matory and Democrat Kathleen Matthews.

13 (tie). Elections Have Consequences, Part The Infinity One of my first posts (September 21) about the attempted early vote coup by the GOP-led Montgomery County Board of Elections, which ended in a hasty retreat several weeks later.

13 (tie) BREAKING: Senator Karen Montgomery To Retire In LD14 The December 3 story that is expected to create a wave of falling dominoes in East County.

12. CD8: Wherein I Suck It Up And Call ‘Em Like I See ‘Em The latest Top 25 Post, published on December 29, achieved this recognition in only three days (in 2016, it’s moved up to #10). My unsparing critique of the CD8 race.

11. Two New Candidates In CD4 A blog post that ended up being more significant than the news it was reporting, this May 19 piece heralded the arrival of Warren Christopher and Alvin Thornton into the CD4 race. Neither candidate has made this much news since then.

More tomorrow, as we head into the rarefied air of the exalted 10 most read posts of the year.

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