2 Hours, 18 Minutes And Counting

-92Days -15Hours -32Minuts -37Seconds

The stock market is still down, and we’ve heard from a combination of (1) the NYSE, (2) the blithering idiots at CNBC, (3) the FBI, (4) the SEC, (5) Homeland Security, and (6) right now, the White House.

Cutting through all the bullshit, one of two things is happening. Either things are really bad and all the above entities just won’t say so, or they have no idea what’s going on. The message continues to be “it’s a technical problem and there’s no indication of a cyber attack or any larger problem.” We shall see.

CNBC just now is beginning to express a new concern. If the NYSE doesn’t reopen before the end of the day and there’s no “market close” as a result, things start getting weird with tomorrow’s market open. “Volatility” will be the word of the day. The market normally closes at 4:00. So they’ve got a little over two hours to get this figured out. If they can.

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