The Things I Do For You

-92Days -15Hours -32Minuts -45Seconds

I’ve been watching CNBC for about 45 minutes now, trying to get more information on the NYSE shutdown, and I’m convinced that for every minute I watch, I’m taking a month of brain function off the end of my life. And that goes triple when the most annoying man in television, Jim Cramer, starts yapping. I hope you appreciate this sacrifice on my part.

Bottom line: there is a desperate and palpable need to express over and over again that everything is fine. They really have no clue, but by God, they’re going to keep talking, even thought they have nothing to say. And it will all be fine, we’re sure. Repeat endlessly until the market restarts, which after 76 minutes it still hasn’t. The endless loop of happy - and desperate - talk therefore goes on.

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