MoCo High Schools Side By Side

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I posted this a couple of weeks ago, but after the Walter Johnson article in Bethesda Magazine and my spittle-inflected response thereto, I thought it was worth posting again. It shows clearly that there are a number of schools more overcrowded and much older than WJ. Yet MCPS has seen fit to pay for a proposal from an architect to pay for an addition to Walter Johnson and seems poised to rush the project into the County CIP this year. Look at this data and tell me why. I can’t even.

The spreadsheet is here.

A note: MCPS has all this data available on its Schools At A Glance site, which for some reason lists tons and tons of data by individual school, but never puts them side by side. Perhaps so it can keep away from conversations like the one I’d like to have about Walter Johnson getting an addition six years after it was renovated while Downcounty Consortium schools that haven’t been renovated since as far back as 1956 (Northwood) languish with higher overpopulation than Walter Johnson? And a whole heck of a lot more minority and FARMS students to boot?

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