2015 Top Posts #1-5

The five most read posts of 2015. Drum roll, please.

5. BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE: Liz Matory In For CD8 One of our first big news stories, the June 19 announcement of Liz Matory’s campaign, which ended up becoming less relevant when she subsequently announced that she was running as an independent.

4. EXCLUSIVE: Delegate Will Campos Resigns A September 10 exclusive that was really exclusive - I received a tip in the morning, confirmed it with several sources by mid-afternoon, and printed it before dinner. Nobody else had this story until the next day. A real mystery that has yet to be explained in any meaningful way.

3. BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE: Delaney Endorsements The August 18 post that generated more pushback than anything I have written yet, about rumors of Delaney’s impending endorsements of a raft of candidates, including Donna Edwards, Kathleen Matthews, and Anthony Brown. Also a Schrodinger moment: I’m convinced that my reporting the rumor caused it not to happen. Some of it still will, I suspect, but that remains to be seen for certain.

2. A Question That Ought To Be Asked A little investigative piece beginning the process of following the money on the alcohol debate in Montgomery County highlighted campaign contributions from the Trone family to privatization advocates Peter Franchot and Bill Frick. It generated the biggest response ever when it was published on November 12. That is, until a little piece of correspondence between a couple of elected officials came across my email . . . .

1. EXCLUSIVE: Senator Miller Writes A Letter . . . which utterly captivated my readers and blew away all other competitors for the top post of the year. Mike Miller’s love letter to Comptroller Peter Franchot was anything but typical correspondence between elected officials, and my December 16 post about the letter didn’t get a typical response. How big was the response? It had almost five times the number of clicks as post #2. Another measure: take the hits for posts 2-10, add them up, and even then, this single post outdid all of them combined. It was that big.

Well, that’s a wrap for 2015. It was fun, but I’m sure we can do even better in the New Year. What’s going to be big in 2016?With the April 26 primary looming, that’s a good bet to rate highly. But I’m sure there will be some surprises - that’s what makes this fun. So stay tuned for more breaking news, gossip, campaign scuttlebutt, feats of legislative intrigue and adventure, policy discussion, and who knows what else.

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