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The GOP Bench, Final Part

Adam Pagnucco finished up his series on the GOP bench this morning, anticipating what the future of state politics might look like, not just in 2018, but beyond. Bottom line is that Democrats have a lot of work to do to reeestablish our competitiveness in rural and exurban areas of the state. Regardless of whether Governor Hogan is reelected, the GOP… Read more »

Democrats Who Don’t Vote

Adam Pagnucco has a four part series discussing the large number of registered Democrats who just don’t vote. Part 1 was yesterday, framing the issue as an unintended consequence of increasingly sophisticated voter targeting techniques. General Assembly Democrats have decided to pursue automatic voter registration in this year’s session. There’s a good policy rationale for it and efforts to increase… Read more »

Murray New Dem ED

Josh Kurtz reports that new Democratic Party chair Bruce Poole has tapped Pat Murray to be the new executive director of the party, responsible for day to day control of party activities. Maryland Democratic Chairman Bruce Poole has named Patrick Murray, a former top aide to House Speaker Mike Busch (D) and Senate President Mike Miller (D), as the state party’s new… Read more »


Jonathan Shurberg   April 10, 2015   No Comments on Whoops

From yesterday, an email from the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, an invitation to a Chris Van Hollen email phrased in the first person plural “Please join us. . .” Eyebrows up - as I suspect anyone reading this would know, the Democratic Party, by rule, stays out of primary fights and doesn’t endorse candidates or host events or fundraisers…. Read more »