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Statewide Turnout: Not Good, And Going To Get Worse

Given all the attention that the recent Democratic primaries generated, you’d assume that if we compared county by county Election Day turnout by party in 2008 and 2016, you’d see a big benefit for Democrats. And you’d further assume that early voting would show a further edge for our side. You’d be wrong in both cases. The increased turnout -… Read more »

Democrats Who Don’t Vote, Parts 3 and 4

Adam Pagnucco’s informative series came to an end earlier this week, but I didn’t get a chance to read it until today. The last two parts are definitely worth a read. Part 3. Part 4. If Montgomery County Democrats want to substantially increase their turnout in the 2018 election, they are going to have to reach out to Democratic non-voters who are… Read more »

Democrats Who Don’t Vote

Adam Pagnucco has a four part series discussing the large number of registered Democrats who just don’t vote. Part 1 was yesterday, framing the issue as an unintended consequence of increasingly sophisticated voter targeting techniques. General Assembly Democrats have decided to pursue automatic voter registration in this year’s session. There’s a good policy rationale for it and efforts to increase… Read more »

Guest Blog: Dave Asche - All Elections Matter

Dave Asche currently works for Councilmember Tom Hucker. Dave is also on the board of the Montgomery County Young Democrats, serving as secretary. He has worked on countless campaigns over the several years I’ve known him, including Hucker’s 2014 Council campaign, the 2014 Brown campaign, and just this month, Kate Stewart’s campaign for mayor in Takoma Park. You want him… Read more »