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American Sings Nazi Anthem At International Tennis Match

From the Department of “whatthefuckareyoukiddingmewhodecidedthatwasagoodidea,” a local Hawaii schoolteacher sang the German national anthem before an international tennis match between Germany and the United States, but instead of the modern version somebody decided it would be better to use the Nazi version. The Guardian has the story and the insanely cringeworthy video. Why is it that the American media never covers these… Read more »

Irony Abounds

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Submitted without comment. Montgomery County Del. Peter Franchot launched a campaign for state comptroller yesterday, saying voters should oust incumbent William Donald Schaefer because the former governor and Baltimore mayor has aligned himself too closely with Republicans. “It is now November. Halloween has come and gone. The time for masks is over. William… Read more »

History As It Really Happened

A number of commenters on the Facebook link to my earlier post about the Confederate memorial in Rockville have brought up the familiar trope that veneration for the Confederate flag and “legacy” is in order to celebrate Southern “legacy” and “heritage.” This kind of response is nothing new, but it is ignorant and smug and I hate it. Indulge me… Read more »