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One Last Piece On Voter Data 

Much of the commentary on the Sanders/DNC/VAN imbroglio was clearly ignorant of just how VAN works. If you’ve been a candidate (why yes, yes I have) or worked field on a campaign (yes, that too) then you know how it works. But if not, then you have no clue. There was a lot of cluelessness the past couple of days…. Read more »

Nik Sushka On The Voter Data Flap

I think this is the best one paragraph assessment on the dustup between the Sanders campaign and the DNC that I’ve seen. Nik is the outgoing president of the Montgomery County Young Democrats(MCYD), and she authorized me to reprint this from her Facebook post of earlier today. The way the Sanders campaign refused to take real responsibility for their staff’s actions… Read more »

BREAKING: Cooler Heads Prevail

Good lord, somebody actually did what I suggested. The 12 Hour War of the Lawyers is over. Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders regained access voter data provided by the Democratic National Committee today after being blocked from using the database over allegations staffers accessed information from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The allegations over the data breach were expected… Read more »

Enter The Lawyers

Bernie Sanders has filed suit against the Democratic National Committee regarding the DNC’s decision to lock Sanders out of VAN, the party’s voter data system. It will be interesting to see the language of the contract - having been a candidate, one of the major things you’re told is don’t steal other people’s stuff. If even a small piece of… Read more »

Sanders’ Very, Very Bad Idea

Having been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Bernie Sanders is now threatening to bring in the lawyers. Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday threatened to sue the Democratic National Committee for suspending its access to the national voter database, saying the move threatens to undermine the Vermont senator’s presidential run. Even as the campaign admitted its staffers had inappropriately… Read more »

Sanders Campaign Poaches Clinton Data, Blames Vendor

The Sanders campaign’s access to voter data through NGP VAN has been been suspended after at least four campaign accounts accessed private data from the Clinton campaign. The data was briefly available after a glitch in the system took down the firewall between generally available data and the private information gathered by individual campaigns. The Democratic National Committee has told the… Read more »