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Israel, Nicaragua, What’s The Big Difference?

Mike Pence, who only stays out of our collective nightmares because he’s not the living, walking embodiment of every terrifying political act and gesture in the world, tried to pump up the sagging fortunes of the Trump Administration (TA) with “the Jews.” Short version: it didn’t go well. Color me not impressed. Pence tweeted out that he would be speaking… Read more »

Satire Is Dead

Donald Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer is the vulgar talking yam’s pick for ambassador to Israel. While you wrap your mind around that piece of news that not even the Onion could top, let’s take a look at the views of a guy with no relevant experience whatsoever. David Friedman in his own words. A senior Trump adviser on Israel during the campaign,… Read more »

Congressional Letter To Palestinian Authority

369 members of Congress recently wrote to Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, “urging him to condemn the recent violence in Israel and end incitement to violence within the Palestinian Authority.” Seven out of eight Maryland congresscritters signed the letter. The only holdout was Donna Edwards. The text of the letter is set forth below. November 3, 2015 His Excellency Mahmoud Abbas… Read more »

Jews By The Numbers

Putting some statistics to the thesis I set forth over the weekend (“The End of the Israel Lobby”), Harold Meyerson in the Post discusses some recent and relevant poll data. It’s essential reading. The Pew Research Center updates its landmark 2013 study of American Jews in a report released in late August. Meyerson’s takeaway: One of the most striking, but not surprising, results… Read more »

The End Of the Israel Lobby

With the total failure of the effort by AIPAC and others to scuttle the Iran deal, we are now beginning to see the fallout. Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine surveys the wreckage and has this to say: The deal’s opponents not only misjudged public opinion as a whole, but more astonishingly, they misjudged the state of American Jewish opinion in particular…. Read more »