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Democrats Who Don’t Vote, Parts 3 and 4

Adam Pagnucco’s informative series came to an end earlier this week, but I didn’t get a chance to read it until today. The last two parts are definitely worth a read. Part 3. Part 4. If Montgomery County Democrats want to substantially increase their turnout in the 2018 election, they are going to have to reach out to Democratic non-voters who are… Read more »

No MCEA Endorsement In BOE Race

In the only Board of Education race to be contested in the April primary, Bethesda Magazine reports that MCEA, the teachers’ union, will not make an endorsement. The 12,000-member Montgomery County teachers’ union that distributes a widely known “apple ballot” endorsement list won’t back any of the five candidates running in next month’s primary for an at-large seat on the county’s… Read more »

Democrats Who Don’t Vote

Adam Pagnucco has a four part series discussing the large number of registered Democrats who just don’t vote. Part 1 was yesterday, framing the issue as an unintended consequence of increasingly sophisticated voter targeting techniques. General Assembly Democrats have decided to pursue automatic voter registration in this year’s session. There’s a good policy rationale for it and efforts to increase… Read more »

BREAKING: Purple Line Vendor Selected

And the contract goes to . . . Purple Line Transit Partners. Bethesda Magazine has the story. Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday the state has chosen Purple Line Transit Partners to build and help finance a 16.2 mile light-rail line that will stretch from Bethesda to New Carrolton in Prince George’s County. Purple Line Transit Partners is comprised of the global… Read more »

Maryland Paid Family Leave Act Press Conference

A number of advocates and elected officials came together today to hold a press conference at the Silver Spring Civic Center led by Bethesda Delegate Ariana Kelly, who is the lead sponsor of a bill to establish a paid family leave act in Maryland. Along with Kelly, also present at the press conference were Montgomery County Councilmembers Tom Hucker and… Read more »

Liquor Bill End Game

In the latest developments over the future of the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control (DLC), a committee of  the Montgomery County Annapolis delegation first modified the county’s requested bill (to allow for partial privatization of the special order process) to instead create a state task force to study the future of the DLC. Today, however, the entire delegation voted… Read more »

Some Advice From Charlie Pierce

In the wake of Donald Trump’s March to the Vegas Strip through Nevada last night, the question arises: who can save us from the brilliantly dubbed “vulgar talking yam“? There’s been much handwringing and soul searching today, most of it the sort of ineffectual flapping of arms that our allegedly stalwart leaders on the left inevitably resort to. But the… Read more »

The Never Ending Boondoggle

The Washington Post has an opinion column on its website about Maryland’s efforts to retain and attract businesses, particularly focused on Marriott Corporation. It’s a a terrible and embarrassing piece, mixing factual errors, long-discredited “race to the bottom” economic theory, and laughably one sided adoration for Governor Larry Hogan. The fact that it’s written by someone affiliated with the Maryland Taxpayers… Read more »

Liquor Privatization Argument Collapsing In Annapolis

For many months, the conventional wisdom was that Comptroller Peter Franchot and Bethesda Delegate Bill Frick were working arm in arm to pursue privatization of Montgomery County’s alcohol monopoly. They put forth companion bills to do just that, Frick’s bill having the additional feature of a constitutionally dubious referendum, and Frick appeared at Franchot’s press conference a while back when… Read more »